Developing Software

Privacy concept:  on digital backgroundSoftware development is both an art and a science. Too many software companies only focus on the science of software development. They meet with a company, “take the order” and write the software. This is the most common method of software development but can create a very dissatisfied customer.

There are two challenges with this approach. First, the software developer is assuming that the company understands its procedures and the process of developing software efficiently enough to analyze their systems and understand how that will translate into software.

The other challenge is that it creates a longer process. When the software is completed, missed processes will need to be added. If the company is not happy with how the software works in its application stage there could be months of patches that need to be made in order to create the software they envisioned from the outset.

In the long run, this process costs companies a lot more time and money than is initially budgeted for. Programmers are generally paid by the hour and so the more corrections they must make, the more the company pays. When they have to re-do a process because the initial instructions were not clear, the company is the one who pays for the extra time. After all the programmer “took the order”, as the company directed them.

We take a completely different approach to developing software. We believe that if we will take the time upfront to learn your business, we can become a partner with your business, rather than an order taker. Even though, upfront we are compensated for learning the business and understanding the company processes ultimately, in the long run the company saves money, time and frustration.

After a thorough company analysis of how the company currently operates we spend time to understand what an ideal software program will look like. Upfront we discuss the limitations and advancements in the programming world, which your company can benefit from. This high level of communication allows both parties to understand what expectations are realistic and which recommendations will provide the greatest benefit for the company.

From that point our programmers get to work creating software that will allow your company to streamline operations and improve efficiency. We provide software that is specific to your company and compatible with the most common programs used in the industry. This allows you to interface with other software, for the most efficient operations possible.

Whether you are an automobile company that needs interfacing capability with DMV systems, or a hospital that needs compatibility with pharmacies and doctor’s offices. We provide the personal attention to detail that will create the most efficient system possible.

Software has a huge impact on day to day operations. This is not the place to cut corners with your business. We provide the optimal level of customer service and specialization to understand your needs and deliver a product that is solutions oriented.

This leaves you with the time and energy to do what you do best, running the day to day operations of your business.